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Gone are the days of paper files stacked in rows across cubicle desks. Thanks to the abundance of available technologies, this was – in most instances – a natural progression. But, in some cases, the COVID-19 pandemic and the move to “safer from home” policies forced the hand of organizations whose businesses operated through a paper file-based system. While there may be no tried-and-true way to determine which method is “better” for the industry, as technology continues to play a huge role in our everyday lives, it is becoming increasingly more obvious that a shift to more innovative claims systems can be a real game-changer. If done correctly, implementing a claims system can marry technology to people and processes, supporting the organization’s philosophy while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

The advantages of claims management systems
There are many advantages for claims organizations that use effective claims management software. A sound claims management system allows an organization to handle each aspect of the claim within the same system, creating a seamless experience for claims analysts and customers alike, thereby increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction. By using the claims management system to reduce and/or remove time-consuming administrative tasks, additional resources become available for more heavy-handed areas, such as complex claim management.

Implementing a new system can be quite an undertaking. This is true if an organization chooses to build a new system from the ground up or implement an already established system. If done correctly, however, the new system can immediately impact business outcomes. While efficiency gains are a desirable outcome, technology must also be sure to effectively interface with claim resources, facilitating empowerment, judgment, and accountability. Technology should be a tool that supports the organization’s philosophy and process, not one that drives it.

The Brown & Brown Absence technology implementation offering
Our seasoned professionals have identified six strategies to assist in implementing effective claims management technology. While no two organizations are the same, we have used our years of experience to create methods applicable to any organization.

    • Organizational Readiness: Assess the readiness of the claim organization by identifying potential organizational risks and mitigation strategies.
    • Framework for Success: Assist in developing a technology implementation strategy that includes establishing success criteria, creating a timeline of deliverables, determining key milestones, developing measurement guidelines, creating process documentation, training, defining productivity expectations, and a quality assurance program.
    • Claim Segmentation Strategy: Develop a claim segmentation strategy that identifies which claim characteristics will determine the relative mix of technological/human interventions. This ensures technology handles lower-risk activities/claims and that higher-risk activities/claims have the appropriate involvement of experienced claim resources.
    • Change Management Strategy: Partner with the client to develop and implement a change management strategy that includes the identification of key constituents, development plans for each constituent, and supporting the execution of the plans.
    • Post-Implementation: Conduct reviews of any claims managed post-implementation to proactively identify that the desired outcomes are achieved. Identify any gaps/risks with recommended solutions.
    • Leadership: Identify the impact the technology/new process will have on team leaders. This includes the data they will have or need (indicators, outcomes, activities) to monitor the process and hold their assigned staff accountable.

If you are interested in hearing more about how our services can support the growth of your organization, contact us today. We can cater our technology implementation offering to the needs of your business to help you achieve maximum results.