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If the “Great Resignation” has taught us anything over the last few years, it is that we cannot underestimate the power of keeping teammates connected to the culture of our organization. Forming a meaningful and authentic connection with prospective teammates is vital to establishing long tenure, which benefits both the teammate and the company. Despite this knowledge, many companies struggle to keep teammates on board for the long haul, failing to recognize this starts with first impressions. Strong relationships are key – it is vitally important to lay the foundation for those connections as soon as possible.

According to a survey conducted by Jobvite, approximately 33% of new employees quit their job within the first 90 days they are employed. Of those surveyed, nearly half stated they quit within the first 90 days because the position didn’t align with the expectations built during the interviewing phase. This underscores that first impressions truly matter, and this begins well before a first interview is conducted.

At Brown & Brown Absence Services Group, we have made significant investments to research and identify ways to overcome this obstacle. We have focused heavily on three key initiatives over the last year that we have already seen move the needle toward a more positive teammate experience, all of which center around cultivating culture. Culture matters to us, and we know it matters to our teammates. We are continuing to work hard to ensure we can provide our teammates, as well as prospective future teammates, with a productive, positive environment where they can feel welcome to ask questions, be themselves, provide honest feedback, and flourish both personally and professionally.

That said, here are three key initiatives we have invested in over the last year, and how they have made an impact on our recruiting process, as well as the experience of new teammates during their first days with Brown & Brown Absence Services Group:

Welcome gifts
“The gifts that were sent to my house prior to starting were a fantastic surprise!”

We have begun sending gifts to newly hired teammates before their first day of training, along with a second package they receive once training begins. We hope these gifts show our excitement and appreciation for the new hire becoming part of our team and help them feel a warm welcome. Understanding that gifts will not make or break an experience, it is always a fun surprise to receive a few items that create an immediate connection, especially for remote teammates.

Day 1
“The onboarding experience was enjoyable and efficient. I received timely answers to my questions and always felt welcomed.”

We took a hard look at how our training experience began and recognized opportunities to help new teammates form personal connections with their fellow new hires, as well as some of the teammates they would be working with every day after the conclusion of training. We revamped the first day’s schedule to incorporate multiple different meet-and-greets with teammates and leaders, allotted additional time for questions and answers, and implemented some fun and games.

“I appreciated the communication leading up to my start date, it helped with the normal anxiety that comes with starting a new job. I was also really surprised by the efficiency in which I was hired. The process, from filling out the application to getting the offer was less than two weeks, and that isn’t my typical experience.”

We believe that consistent and honest communication is vital within any organization – and that communication must extend to those who are looking to join the team. We reinvigorated our communication strategy to provide those who have applied for an open position with more frequent notifications of where they are within the application journey. This continues for anyone we invite to come on board, providing a stable and cohesive transition from pre-hire to new hire to teammate.

Now, what about second impressions?
Since taking a step back to look at our recruiting, onboarding, and retention process, we have seen a positive shift in our teammate experience, but these are only the first steps. We have recognized, like so many others, that the workforce is simply not what it was before the pandemic – and that is okay. We must continue to adapt to the ever-changing workplace climate and reflect upon our strategies to provide our teammates with the best experience possible. Our teammates are our most important asset – we will continue to do all that we can to cultivate long-lasting connections to assure their success.