Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Meet our leaders: Kimberly Mashburn, Vice President of Market Development - Brown & Brown Absence Services Group

As part of our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and creating a positive impact for our customers, clients, and teammates, we have proudly assembled a leadership team that is rich in both expertise and creativity, as they cast the vision for the future of Brown & Brown Absence Services Group while also developing and executing against our strategies for success.

We are pleased to continue our ongoing series of leadership profiles by introducing Kimberly Mashburn, Vice President of Market Development. Kimberly joined Brown & Brown Absence Services Group in March of 2022 after serving in a wide range of executive roles within the group insurance industry for more than 25 years.

After beginning her career in healthcare as a Registered Nurse in Pediatric Intensive Care and Emergency Care, Kimberly quickly moved into leadership, becoming the head of an outpatient cancer center and CEO of a large medical group practice. She then transitioned to managing clinical and vocational staff for a major carrier and gained experience as an account executive for nationally recognized large employer groups. She has also worked as an employee benefits consultant, and most recently served as the head of absence management at Sun Life. Her expertise in both the medical field and the absence services industry tremendously aids her market development work with Brown & Brown.

When asked to reflect on her unique career path, Kimberly recalled:

“When I began my career as a young nursing student, my starry-eyed goal was to help people. I feel very fortunate that I have been able to maintain that mission throughout my career. Building absence management services that create a positive experience for employees who need a leave of absence to care for a sick family member, a new baby, or for their own illness or injury is a personal highlight. Beginning a leave of absence can be a scary time for many employees, as they don’t always know if/how much they will be paid or if their job security will be impacted. I take the opportunity to help alleviate that burden very seriously.”

We asked Kimberly more questions about her early days at Brown & Brown, as well as what she expects for the future of the organization and the absence services market overall. Here is what she had to say:

What aspects of your current role as VP of Market Development do you take the most pride in?
“I thoroughly enjoy partnering with teammates to help market Brown & Brown Absence’s expanded, high-quality offerings. I’m particularly passionate about our management of complex integrated leave and disability claims, as well as our solutions designed to provide dedicated, compassionate claim management and education to disabled individuals.

I’m proud to market our services that are characterized by empathy; we assist employees who want to return to work after times of absence, as well as those who need long-term support due to permanent disabilities. Our team is rich in experience and acumen, and I’m proud to promote professional services like ours that thoughtfully consider the client’s experience at every step.”

Taking into account your extensive industry experience, what do you believe the future holds for the disability landscape, given the unique circumstances of the last 24+ months and the ongoing pandemic?
“I could go on for several pages on this topic! I believe that employers will continue to be most impacted by changing demands in the areas of compliance, technology, and talent. State legislators will continue to listen to constituents’ demands by passing more generous complex paid family and medical leave laws, and employers operating in multi-state environments will need to outsource or co-source leave management solutions to ensure that they maintain compliance with the Department of Labor. Also, in light of the nationwide increase in remote work, ADA compliance will continue to be a challenge for many employers who have not implemented effective protocols or return to work plans.

Meanwhile, I also believe that absences related to long-term behavioral health and long-haul COVID will remain steady for quite some time, therefore increasing the demand for appropriate advice and claim management strategies from insurance carriers. This will create ongoing opportunities for utilizing virtual strategies and technology (such as telehealth and gamification), as well as software equipped to manage and coordinate a myriad of leave laws. More employers will begin seeking assistance attracting and retaining talent through the implementation of creative benefits like remote work and family-forming paid leave. More unique methods of communication will also be required in the months and years ahead to ensure that employees truly understand their benefits and are adequately prepared to appropriately utilize all available support services.”

What excites you most about the future of Brown & Brown Absence Services Group?
“I look forward to the many additional opportunities I anticipate where we will get to work with carriers, third party administrators, employers, and our fellow Brown & Brown teammates to provide our innovative solutions and expertise for the management of complex leave and disability claims. This includes expanding the reach of our creative solutions, like Talent Builder, to meet our customers’ education and staffing needs. Leave and ADA legislation are highly complex, so I am also looking forward to offering expanded clinical and vocational services to help employers maintain compliance and achieve effective workforce management.”

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? And/or what is one piece of advice you would give to young professionals looking to grow their career?
“The best advice I’ve ever been given is to listen twice as much as you speak. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason!”

“Advice I’d offer others looking for career growth is to be BOLD! Accept opportunities as they come your way, even if they seem a bit outside of your target career. Also, seek a mentor who can help you define your path.”