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Written by Scott Dettman, Chief Executive Officer, Avenica

When you take the initial step in finding your first or next job, there may be a few “dream companies” or industries that come to mind. Most of the time you will think of the brands or industries that spend a fortune on marketing and advertising to ensure they are top of mind. But, what about the companies and industries that aren’t – ones that may offer more job security, growth, and pay?

It is a safe bet that you do not think about the utility company behind the power that is being distributed to your home every time you flip on a light switch – but it exists. The same goes every Wednesday when you bring out the trash, or when you pay your insurance bill. Whether you love it or hate it, these are essential businesses and industries. Because of this, you can bet that they are not going away anytime soon, unlike some of the “sexier” ecommerce or retail employers you may see or hear about more often that can ebb and flow with the economy. In addition to expected job security, these roles often receive fewer applications, so, you may have a better chance of getting noticed, and securing that first interview.

Now, let’s talk about getting started. First, know that one option is right in front of you: Brown & Brown Absence Services Group has partnered with Avenica to make the process easier for jobseekers by training aligned applicants on the knowledge needed to be successful in a career in insurance. But if you’re looking for more help, read on.

What if you don’t have experience? In my opinion, experience is more than one thing, it is how you tell your story and advocate for yourself. Single mom? You better believe you have budgeting and finance experience. Captain of the football team? That’s leadership experience right there. Manage household activities and tasks? You’ve got some operational experience under your belt. Most people have experience they can leverage, but often don’t think to talk about because it wasn’t learned in school or on the job. Guess what? It still counts.

If you’re still not sure how to go about exploring a career in an unsexy industry, know that you’ve got resources. Whether it’s a mentor, connection of yours, or maybe even Avenica, leverage your resources and explore options you may have never considered. We promise you’ll learn something and might even land your career role.

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