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We are proud to introduce our new blog — Absensibility! In choosing to call it Absensibility, we sought to convey an appreciation and a response to the complex tactical and emotional aspects of the state of being away.

What it means to be absent, or to take an absence, has changed over the years. While a disability claim may always represent an absence, it is important to remember that not all absences are disabilities. Each absence presents its own opportunities as well as challenges to the group insurance industry, and it is along this absence continuum that Brown & Brown Absence Services Group seeks to make its mark.

The group insurance industry has evolved in the over 30 years of experience that the combined entities of Brown & Brown Absence Services Group have. Traditional products that the industry offered back then — Group Life, Disability and AD&D — remain core to a carriers’ portfolio. Carriers and industry experts must remain nimble and innovative when developing new products, listening to a market that is rapidly changing and evolving.

Brown & Brown Absence Services Group was formed from a series of dynamic organizations seeking to leverage their market expertise and industry-wide perspective to add value across the absence continuum and help customers make more informed business decisions in this ever-changing space. Recently expanding capabilities to include solutions powered by PDA, we now deliver additional offerings to help drive bottom-line results and reduce risk, including Claims Management Solutions, Talent Solutions, and Disability Advisory Services.

We look forward to offering insightful and meaningful content through this blog on a regular basis. You may note that the blog has two distinct sections — Business Sense, where we make sense of the ever-evolving world of absence management, and Sense of Security, where we will offer guidance and support for individuals dealing with a disabling condition.

To our current partners and clients, as well as prospective new customers — we look forward to the opportunity to customize solutions that meet your unique needs.