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Claims Management Solutions

Our solutions help you to effectively manage risk, efficiently manage claim operations, and deliver best-in-class customer experiences.

At Brown & Brown Absence Services Group, our highly experienced claim consultants are positioned to respond to various aspects of your ever-changing business needs and deliver solutions by building customized strategies.

We provide expertise across the absence continuum, including short-term disability, long-term disability, and life waiver of premium.

Our strategic expertise, capabilities through the claim lifecycle, and independent and reliable reviews result in:

  • increased operational efficiency
  • greater claim accuracy and effectiveness
  • reduced risk

Medical File Review

Our network of experienced clinical professionals, including board-certified physicians and registered nurses, are specifically trained to address functionality in any claim review situation, from the relatively routine to the highly complex.

Best-in-class, independent medical peer reviews

Behavioral health expertise

Medical underwriting support

Clinical Audit

With over 35 specialties, our network of disability-trained medical professionals continues to grow, allowing us to address your needs, even for the most complex or co-morbid claims.


Specialty Services

Vocational Services

We are positioned to provide vocational support as an independent review source throughout the lifecycle of a claim. Our master’s level trained vocational counselors have the experience necessary to explore ways to enhance our customers’ vocational risk management capabilities.

Occupational assessments

Transferable skills analysis


Labor market surveys


Financial/CPA Services

Disability claim forensic financial services confirm accuracy of benefit payments, including determination of pre-disability/pre-injury earnings or covered monthly earnings, residual or partial disability calculations, and annual tax return reviews.

Complex Claim Services

Our network of expert medical and seasoned claim professionals are equipped to assess the most complex of claims and deliver an unbiased, independent analysis to support accurate claim adjudication.

Multi-specialty & multi-diagnosis assessments




Quality assurance



Our highly trained claims team consistently identifies appropriate settlement candidates and completes comprehensive file reviews on every candidate to ensure only viable claims are offered settlement opportunities. Our settlement assessments certify both the medical and financial aspects of each claim and provide detailed rationale for all next steps identified.

To learn more about how we can add value to your organization, contact us.