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Our network of consultants and contractors is growing every day!

We are continually seeking top-tier professionals who are looking for flexible, part-time and full-time work opportunities.

Disability Peer Reviewer

Practice medicine in a new way and earn additional income in a flexible, non-clinical capacity.

Disability Peer Reviewers are independent physician consultants who are experts in their field of medicine.

Claims Professional

Perform contract claim management remotely with flexibility and competitive pay.

Claim Professional Contractors are top-tier professionals with product experience within the absence management spectrum.

Registered Nurse

Use your disability claim review and clinical skills to earn additional income.

Registered Nurse Consultants are exceptional clinicians with disability review experience.

Vocational Consultant

Join a group of best-in-class disability claim professionals, highly regarded by the top disability insurers in the market.

Vocational Consultants are Master’s level trained vocational professionals with certifications of CRC, CDMS, CCM, or LCPC.