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SSDI Advocacy Services

We have assisted tens of thousands of clients apply for and receive Social Security benefits.

At Brown & Brown Absence Services Group, we offer tailor-made Social Security Disability (SSDI) solutions that scale.

Our end-to-end support includes SSDI monitoring, post-award benefit coordination services, as well as overpayment and reimbursement facilitation support.

Our experienced team offers an industry-wide perspective, extensive benchmarking capabilities, and actionable insights regarding process optimization.



Social Security Disability Advocacy

Our experienced Client Advocates are here to help your claimants understand the SSDI process, the benefits of SSDI pursuit, and how SSDI approval will impact their long-term disability (LTD) benefits.

We take pride in our reputation for obtaining fast and favorable award decisions, and our compassionate Client Advocates work quickly and directly on our claimants’ behalf.

Guidance and support, every step of the way


Applying for Social Security Disability can be a long and complicated process. Our team of experienced Client Advocates is here to help at every stage.

Medical records submission


As part of our thorough case development process, we present medical evidence on disabling condition(s), obtain and submit updated medical records to Social Security (SSA), and communicate with SSA ensure comprehensive case development.

Representation at hearings


We have an extensive, nationwide team of experienced disability attorneys. For clients that reach the hearing level, we manage all case development and partner with experienced attorneys to provide high-quality representation before an administrative law judge. 

We can put our powerful suite of predictive model tools, Claim Compass, to work for you, delivering assessments on your blocks of business, giving you the insights and confidence to effectively manage long-term risks.

The Claim Compass series includes three distinct predictive models designed to gain deep insight into disability and SSDI claims, process claims more effectively, and influence positive claim outcomes. The primary model predicts the likelihood and timing of an SSDI award based on the strengths of the disability claim, as defined by SSA. The series also includes a model that predicts likelihood to repay an SSDI overpayment, as well as a model that predicts an inclination to settle an LTD claim. Our predictive model utilizes highly sophisticated artificial intelligence that learns about a claim over time, and, as details evolve, the prediction constantly updates to reflect the current realities of the claim.

A data-driven approach to claim identification.

We’ve analyzed thousands of long-term disability claims, identifying trends and factors that could be used to predict both the viability for settlement and the likelihood for success. Since deploying Claim Compass in our operations, it has proven 95% accurate at predicting SSDI award outcomes.

Advocacy360 combines the power of our deep SSDI Advocacy experience with our LTD claim management expertise. This unique combination provides the opportunity to view a disability claim from a holistic perspective and define future claim strategy.

Experienced resources collaborate to drive favorable case outcomes

Providing holistic view of SSDI advocacy & LTD case management

Post-adjudication claim reassessments supports future claim strategy

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