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Recovery Services

Our Recovery Services are designed specifically to balance a positive customer service experience for every claimant with the importance of driving bottom-line impact to your business.

At Brown & Brown Absence Services Group, we are dedicated to collaborating with claimants and insurers to explore all potential reimbursement scenarios. Our team of highly seasoned recovery professionals think creatively to thoroughly evaluate absence claims to facilitate an accurate reimbursement strategy and timely payment.

Overpayment Reimbursement Facilitation

Our SSDI Advocacy team utilizes a highly refined, policy compliant overpayment reimbursement facilitation workflow throughout the entire Social Security Disability (SSDI) application process. We educate each of our clients at specific points along the SSDI application journey, so every individual is fully aware of their obligation to reimburse their insurance carrier if necessary and is prepared to do so if their SSDI benefits are awarded.

Our reimbursement facilitation practice is a standard part of our SSDI Advocacy Services, helping thousands of individuals understand their obligations each year. Our team works diligently so overpayments are recovered timely and accurately after every award.

We recognize that specialized overpayment recovery is an important step to many absence claims, especially when an individual may not be educated about their obligation to repay an overpayment. Through our Benefit Integration Management Services (BIMS) Signature Solution, we have a dedicated unit that leverages our deep expertise in recovering SSDI overpayments to facilitate swift, policy compliant overpayment reimbursement on claims across the absence continuum.

Our BIMS team specializes in facilitating reimbursement in complex situations and has the experience to calculate any type of overpayment.

Our SettlementConnect Signature Solution is a first-in-its-class service for bridging the critical transitions between the SSDI award, overpayment recovery, and claim settlement. The solution combines our data analytics and predictive modeling practices with our extensive claim management expertise to identify the best settlement opportunities for our customers, as well as the ability to pursue them at precisely the right time.

Second Injury Fund Recovery

With over 30 years of combined experience, we have the right team to maximize eligible recoveries of Second Injury Fund (SIF) reimbursements on behalf of our customers. Our recovery professionals are focused on identifying opportunities for reimbursement early in the life of a claim and putting together the best case possible to facilitate a timely recovery.

With rules and regulations varying by state, pursuing SIF reimbursement can be confusing and time consuming. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to navigating SIF requirements quickly and efficiently on your behalf. Our goal is to thoughtfully explore all possible avenues to maximize recovery for the insurer or self-insured employer.

SIF explained

A select group of US states have established Second Injury Funds to encourage employers to hire previously injured or partially disabled workers. When compensation is being paid as the result of a combination of a worker’s prior impairment and the “second” work related injury, the insurer or self-insured employer may be entitled to reimbursement of benefits from the state Trust Fund and potentially an adjustment to their insurance premiums.

Additional Recovery Services

We offer a variety of recovery services, including cost-of-living adjustment reimbursement, concurrent employment reimbursement, and reverse offset services. If you have specialized recovery requests, our seasoned team is flexible and will work with you to meet your needs.

To learn more about how we can add value to your organization, contact us.