Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Meet our leaders: Gina Schreiber, SVP of Account Management & Aevo | Brown & Brown Absence Services Group

As part of our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and creating a positive impact for our customers, clients, and teammates, we have proudly assembled a leadership team that is rich in both expertise and creativity, as they cast the vision for the future of Brown & Brown Absence Services Group while also developing and executing against our strategies for success.

We previously began introducing members of our leadership team and are excited to continue doing so through 2022. This month, we are introducing Gina Schreiber, Senior Vice President of Account Management & Aevo Insurance Services. Gina joined Brown & Brown Absence Services Group in 2014, and, since that time, her leadership responsibilities have steadily grown to incorporate many areas of the business.

Gina joined the team at Brown & Brown Absence after spending many years in the employee benefits industry. Her unique viewpoint and extensive experience in the industry has provided Gina with a background to excel in her strategic oversight of Account Services, Intake, our Consumer division, and, most recently, our Medicare division. Gina has been vital in the strategic growth of our Medicare services – Aevo Insurance Services and Eligibility Services – and has played a significant role in the development and release of several of our signature services, including Talent Builder, which was launched earlier this month.

When asked about the impact of the role she plays and the teams she leads at Brown & Brown Absence, Gina answered:

“I’d say that it makes me really proud that the work we do impacts so many.  The SSDI advocacy work we do is critical to individuals across the country who need support and guidance, and it’s important to our carrier partners too.  I always say that when I worked at my previous employer, an employee benefits & stop loss carrier, even on my best day I could only impact our own company’s performance and results.  In this role, the work I do impacts the financial results and claimant experience of about 80% of the long-term disability carriers in the market – that’s pretty to cool to me.”

We asked Gina some additional questions about her time at Brown & Brown Absence, as well as about her future – both personally and professionally. Here is what she had to say:

Tell me about the various roles you have held throughout your time here?
“I’ve been fortunate to play a few different roles in my seven years here.  I’ve had responsibility for our Account Services team throughout that time, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know a lot of connections in the industry and helping to broaden our carrier partner relationships and services. Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to lead several of our internal operations areas over time, including our Reimbursement Facilitation team, our Benefit Coordination team, a couple of our Client Advocacy teams, and our Intake team – which I still oversee today. I currently lead our direct-to-consumer strategy and lead acquisition process as well.  In 2019, I also assumed accountability for our Medicare business, Aevo, and have really enjoyed learning an entirely new business line!”

What responsibilities of your role do you take the most pride in?
“Though I play a few different roles in our organization, the part I’m most proud of is the same across each of them – that I have the opportunity to lead (and learn from) a group of truly outstanding teammates every day. Helping them to explore new opportunities and grow their careers, all while working together to deliver solutions to our customers, is one of the best parts of my job.”

What would you consider the be the biggest highlight(s) of your career with Brown & Brown?
“There are two highlights that come to my mind first, the launch of our Medicare Eligibility business and creating the foundation for our Diversity & Inclusion program at Brown & Brown Absence Services Group.  Our Medicare Eligibility solution was new to the market in 2021 and really pushed me to leverage my professional skills across several disciplines: analyzing market feedback to understand customer needs, developing the product offering, creating internal workflows, building out systems requirements, creating marketing materials, and selling the product in the market.  I also had the opportunity to work closely with some amazing teammates to bring this to life which made it especially rewarding and fun for me. We now have a new business entity (Brown & Brown Eligibility Services) and are looking for ways we can build on this success and enhance services in this vertical.  It feels great to build something from the ground up and watch it grow.

“My other highlight is the creation of our Diversity & Inclusion program.  We formally launched this initiative in 2020, which was a year of inflection and reflection for many reasons, and highlighted the need for ongoing commitments to diversity, inclusion, and belonging for employers.  I took a leadership role in these efforts, and, while creating the Medicare Eligibility offering pushed me professionally, this work motivates me personally. I take the responsibility of helping to create an atmosphere of inclusion really seriously, as I know our entire leadership team does as well.  Seeing the engagement, dedication, and creativity from our teammates and volunteers has been one of my highlights for sure.”

What excites you most about the future of Brown & Brown Absence Services Group?
“There is so much here to choose from, it’s hard to narrow it down!  First, I’d say we’ve added many talented teammates over the past two years and we have plans to grow our teams even more. We have a really strong team of individuals, and the complementary nature of our backgrounds and experiences puts us in a great spot to continue our growth. It also makes it really fun to work here!  We’ve also been focused on rolling out new products and services that meet the changing needs of our customers in this dynamic market, and we’re going to continue to keep that energy and commitment, which will in turn create more opportunities for our teammates.”

You have been working in the absence industry for several years. Do you have any thoughts or predictions about how this industry will evolve over the coming months, given the unique circumstances of the last 24 months and the ongoing pandemic?
“This is a great question, but difficult to answer. No one would have predicted a global pandemic, and it seems difficult from where we stand today to predict what will happen tomorrow. What I will say is that the past 24 months have taught me that you have to trust your instincts and your experience to guide you through any challenge – even if you’ve never faced it before.  We’re fortunate to work with the majority of carriers in our market, and that has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of people that work in this space.  I know first-hand that this community is filled with extremely talented and tenured professionals, who care so much about their work and their customers, and I have a great deal of trust in their instincts and experience as well.  So, while I can’t say for sure what will happen, I think we’ll see more innovative offerings and products that provide customers what the pandemic has highlighted as consumer needs related to comprehensive absence and paid leave programs: security and flexibility.”