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Absence Advisor

Our Absence Advisor series takes a deeper look at the Social Security Disability (SSDI) application process, as well as the relationship between the Social Security Administration (SSA), long-term disability (LTD) benefits, and other absence-related services. This series uses engaging visuals to share insightful data and education about absence services through infographics and videos.


Considerations for attorney and non-attorney representation

The SSDI process can be both daunting and complex. Unfortunately, for most claimants, an approval only comes after several rounds of appeal. For these claimants, it is important they feel supported throughout the process. Working with an attorney or a non-attorney representative not only increases likelihood of approval but provides claimants with additional support throughout the application process.

An inside look at physician file reviews

When compiling information for a LTD insurance claim, claims examiners must gather as much evidence as possible so that an accurate assessment of a claimant’s abilities and limitations can be made, and LTD benefits can be paid accordingly. If an LTD claims examiner is unable to make a clear determination about a claimant’s functional capacity, a physician file review may be requested to gain additional insight.

The impact of medical treatment on the SSDI application process

While SSDI claims can cite a wide variety of physical and psychological conditions, this infographic explores how comprehensive medical records are critical to the adjudication process of every claim.

Why we are now Brown & Brown Absence Services Group

Brown & Brown Absence Services Group was formed from a combination of dynamic organizations that offer insurance companies value-driven solutions. In this piece we outline who we are and what we bring to our customers and clients.

Reimbursement agreements explained

It’s important for anyone receiving LTD benefits to understand the impact that an approval for SSDI benefits could have on their financial future, as well as how these two types of benefits work together.

SSDI and return to work

This infographic explains Social Security’s Ticket to Work program and outlines the work incentives designed to help prepare SSDI beneficiaries to return to the workforce.

Training Videos

A message from Mike Shunney

Our CEO, Mike Shunney, shares the exciting news that The Advocator Group, Social Security Advocates for the Disabled, and Professional Disability Associates will come together as Brown & Brown Absence Services Group in 2021.

About Brown & Brown Absence Services Group

We are happy to partner with your organization to offer a suite of services designed to help you achieve your goals and help your claimants obtain the benefits they need.

SSDI Carrier Portal tutorial

In this tutorial we show you how to navigate the SSDI Carrier Portal in order to submit SSDI referrals, access information on your claims, and submit overpayment calculations.

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