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Invest Strategically

We uncover the root causes of our customers’ operational challenges with our proven methodology and provide specific plans to remedy them.

We offer customers access to the support and insights focused on upskilling their staff and expanding internal capabilities by identifying opportunities and developing solutions to facilitate sustainable operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Solutions

Talent Builder provides an end-to-end solution for sourcing trained short-term and long-term disability claims professionals. This service combines Brown & Brown’s deep subject matter expertise and training acumen with Avenica’s established education-to-work platform that offers a unique sourcing and hiring practice designed to find untapped talent suited for a career in insurance.


Organizational structure and leadership support

A leader’s chosen organizational structure is a key component of success. Through our broad understanding of the strategic drivers of high performance within a disability claim organization, we’re well-positioned to provide the critical support needed to develop a business strategy that aligns with tactical actions and focused solutions to address acute opportunities.


Leverage technology to optimize performance

We implement new systems that successfully marry technology to people and processes. While efficiency gains are a desirable outcome, the technology must also be sure to effectively interface with claim resources, facilitating empowerment, judgment, and accountability. Our technology advisors provide tools that support your organization’s philosophy and process.


Analytic management reporting tools

A successful claim organization has consolidated reporting that effectively measures the four pillars of operational health: Business Results, Customer Service, Employee Engagement, and Quality. By inventorying and documenting your existing reports, we will create a management information structure capturing everything from tactical operational detail to strategic measurements. This will give your leaders a real-time assessment of the organization, site, or individual team.


Communication Transformation

Engaging with claimants on leave or those in the midst of a disability claim requires finesse. It’s all about delivering information that breeds comprehension, not confusion. We’ve helped carrier partners to revamp their letter libraries, streamlining templates and transforming written exchanges from jargon-laden instructions to visually appealing, user-friendly and informative communications.



Block health analysis with industry benchmarking

An important part of any business is checking “under the hood” for shifts or changes that can happen over time. Our Consulting team will conduct a thorough review of your claim block (STD and/or LTD) and compare results against industry benchmarks across several key indicators, including:

  • Incidence,
  • Average duration,
  • Approval rate,
  • Appeal rate,
  • STD-to-LTD transition rate,
  • Decision timelines, and
  • Return-to-work rate.

We can also review operational data such as caseload size or quality outcomes and compare them to market norms as well.


To learn more about how we can add value to your organization, contact us.