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Reduce Risk

We help you effectively manage risk, efficiently manage claim operations, and deliver best-in-class customer experiences.

Our highly experienced claim consultants are positioned to respond to various aspects of your ever-changing business needs and deliver solutions by building customized strategies.

Our Solutions

Claim Block Review Including PTD Blocks

Long-term disability (LTD) claims in a stable and mature block represent a significant opportunity to reassess eligibility for continued benefits and solidify a plan for future management. We have experienced resources ready to thoroughly review LTD claims, focusing on return-to-work, identifying offsets, and settlement opportunities.


STD to LTD Transitions

Our technical claim consultants have extensive experience managing STD claims to help our customers ensure that claims transitioning from STD to LTD are well-managed and set up for success. We understand the importance of the customer service component of an STD claim and how setting proper expectations for claimants in this transition plays a role in that claimant’s overall customer experience.


Change in Definition Management

An effective change-in-definition process begins with an initial liability decision and then evolves as the disability and functionality are fluid and continuous. Our expert resources, which include TCCs and our in-house medical and vocational staff, understand this and apply their extensive knowledge of best-practice claim management techniques to ensure appropriate and timely decisions.


Backlog Reductions

To successfully execute a reduction in backlog, our team goes beyond simply clearing overdue tasks. We take the time to address any escalated service-related concerns and complete a full claim review. We share feedback that can inform the file plan in the future.


Claim Compass puts our powerful suite of proprietary and predictive modeling tools to work for you, delivering assessments on your blocks of business and giving you the insights and confidence to effectively manage long-term risks.

SSDI Advocacy

We take pride in our reputation of obtaining fast and favorable Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) award decisions, and our compassionate Client Advocates work directly on our claimants’ behalf at every stage. Our end-to-end support includes:

  • SSDI monitoring,
  • Post-award benefit coordination services, and
  • Overpayment and reimbursement facilitation support.


We have a dedicated unit leveraging deep expertise in recovering SSDI overpayments to facilitate swift, policy-compliant overpayment reimbursement on claims across the absence continuum. Our BIMS team specializes in facilitating reimbursement in complex situations and has the experience to calculate any type of overpayment.


Overpayment Identification and Facilitation

Our SSDI Advocacy team utilizes a highly refined, policy-compliant overpayment reimbursement facilitation workflow throughout the entire SSDI application process. We educate each of our clients at specific points along the SSDI application journey, so every individual is fully aware of their obligation to reimburse their insurance carrier, if necessary, and is prepared to do so if their SSDI benefits are awarded.


The Social Security Administration offers a return-to-work program helping SSDI and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries find career satisfaction and financial independence. Our team of experienced career counselors work with beneficiaries through benefits counseling, career planning, resume assistance, job accommodations, and ongoing support after returning to work.


Independent Medical File Review

Brown & Brown Absence Services Group’s highly trained multi-boarded physician and nurse consultants are experienced in providing independent medical record reviews, reducing risk on clinical file reviews, and delivering quality reviews on time and budget.


To learn more about how we can add value to your organization, contact us.